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What is a Professional Organizer?

We are people who have been organizing small businesses, home owners and various other senior or disabled people through out our entire career. In general a professional organizer provides information, products and assistance to help individuals and businesses achieve their specific organizing needs.

As a professional organizer my duty is to support and empower clients through the creative application of organizing systems and processes and the development of appropriate lasting solutions for individual needs. Services vary widely, depending on the area of specialization. Basically our services include:

Social Media is Here!

The time has come to continue on the path of social media, Organized Environment now offers services to assist you in setting up your website to start taking advantage of the new trend - SOCIAL MEDIA!

Social Media

Although I am starting my social media - some of the above social media icons I have attached to my site, roll your mouse over and you can connect directly to Organized Environment's Social Media pages.

The rest are still under consideration, let me know if there is any that may be of interest to you and your website.


50 Organizing Ideas here is the first Five

50 Organizing Ideas here is the second Five

Arrived! Workbook on
"Organizing your Home Documents"

    Organizing your Home Documents

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Residential Organizing:
Can include space planning, storage solutions, closet design and organizing, de-cluttering and organizing of garages, attics and basements, organizing memorabilia and collections, etc.

Office Organizing:
Can include de-cluttering and organizing, filing systems, paper management, space planning, processes and paper flow, information and records management as well as conducting group and individual training and coaching.

Other Services:
Time management, goal setting and life balance management; event planning, estate organizing, packing and moving services; computer set-up, training and electronic information management; seminars, workshops and public speaking.

Organized Environment will help companies and individuals achieve their business and personal goals by providing organizing solutions suitable for the company's culture, and/or the individual's personality and lifestyle. Once this has been accomplished I will then offer professional web design services to impress your customers and staff and to attract new prospects.
The term "professional organizing" is used to define the industry that assists busier-than-ever, overloaded individuals, families and businesses.

Organized Environment will provide organizing services to the home and small business market with custom organizing, time management and web design/graphic solutions.

For individuals, help is needed to maintain a balance between work and home through home organization and time management.

For businesses, help is needed to: provide easy, effective ways to manage time; track projects and activities; use personal computers; organize work space; simplify paperwork, design filing and information systems; and improve productivity in order to achieve individual and business goals.

We possess current information about our market and know a great deal about the common attributes of our valued and loyal clients.

We will leverage this information using excellent client relationship management (CRM) to better understand who we serve, their specific needs, and how we can better communicate with them.

The increase in two income households coupled with an increase in buying power and the number of hours people spend at work has led to a scarcity of time for many clients to get and become organized.

Don't Stop Here - Arrange for your free analysis NOW while the time is available. Call Today!

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