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Tips on How to Deal with Clutter

Workbook on "Organizing your Home Documents"

Organizing your Home Documents

$24.95 +GST

Two or more Advance orders $21.95 each plus GST & shipping

What you get is spiral bound workbook 11 x 8 with approximately 47 pages of tables for recording your information about your person and family either current or history
  • Insurances
  • Medical
  • Banking
  • Passwords
  • Credit Cards
  • Employment History
  • Groups/Clubs
  • Emergency Plans
  • Personal Information
  • Addresses both current/history
  • History - Family
  • Auto Information
  • School/Transcripts
  • Life Insurance(s)
  • Final Arrangements

and Much more........ contact


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Tip of the Week

Information Centre- January 2018
The family calendar is one of the most important documents to setup in the new year!

Choose a large calendar with spaces for writing, in a weekly format. Assign colour to each family member and record their activities.
  • Calendar 2018
  • Holiday Clean Up
  • Create a new Budget
  • Update Medicine and First Aid Cabinets
  • Renovate or Decorate Planning
Calendar for 2018: Assemble the basics, pens, paper, phone book, markers, stapler, tape and keep these in a condainer near the phone and calendar. A large calendar may give you space to write all activities and encourage family memeber to update. Then create a new binder for the new year, set up dividers for schedules, meal planning, medicial information, chores and even set up empty sections for take out menus or sports schedules.

Holiday Clean Up: Start by sorting holiday decorations, discarding old and tattered ones. - Remember to record where these stored decoration will be kept, Use the new binder for these kind of notes. Never use green garbage bags for storage! Label and package items into sturdym, stackable plastic totes or even TV or computer boxes - you will be glad you did!

Create Budget: Record all expenditures for one week to see exactly where funds are going and to get the big picture do this for one month. List all annual expenditures, including memberships and subscriptions. Consider saving 10% of all your income for future fun, Allow your budget to include vacations and don't forget to budget some for those tax returns. Set long term goals for example, retirement planning, education, recreation, investments, and of course debt reduction. Don't forget to set aside funds for up and coming renovations or decorating of your home.

Update Medicine/First Aid Cabinets: Avoid middle-of-the-night panic by having a well-stocked medicine cabinet. Prepare yourself for any family medical emergency. Record health insurance numbers, medications taken, presciption renewal dates, doctor and dental contacts. Don't forget the emergency numbers. Replenish first aid kits for your car and home, include pain relief and antibiotic ointment.

Renovate or Decorate Planning:
Renovating and decorating is more than a one-week job, but a good planning week will set you off on the right path and minimize inconvenience. Start by lining up your resources, timeline and research ease of maintenance.

March 2018- Tip of the Month
drawer Organize your home and office one small area at a time. Choose a desk drawer or kitchen cupboard, Don't go "gun ho" into the kitchen and attempt to overhaul every cupboard you see, as you will just fall into the old way of "I will do it later" syndrome.

Keep it clean while you work in the kitchen
We all have several items in our kitchen cupboards that are only used occassionally and finding them becomes difficult. Try using plastic bins to store like items as they would be easy to remove from the shelf and easy to put away again.

Try storing all spices and similiar items in a bin that you can reach on the bottom shelf especially when various spices are used daily like salt and pepper. Other items for example corn starch or maple syrup can be placed in a bin and placed higher up.

Residential Services Available

    • Craft Room Re-organization - Get your sewing in order, beads organized and paper crafts sorted

    • Bedroom Closets - Unused clothing can be the biggest clutter item in the bedroom or closet

    • Kitchen Cupboards - Too many dishes all shoved in one place can be re-organized for efficiency

    • Kids Room - Are you getting tired of stepping on toys?

    • Family Rooms - TV areas are mostly cluttered with DVD's, magazines, remotes and so on

    • Office - I specialize in small/medium business office organization and can make your work space not only efficient but fun too

      Rooms, Rooms and More Rooms - Call today!


Did you know women spend approximately 55 minutes
every day searching for items they know they have?

That's roughly 2 weeks per year!

(you do the math)

Small Business Services
My aim is to create a Professional System to provide you with
that will relieve
in your business!


Imagine freeing up time from that dreaded paperwork to spend on
your business and not in your office. That spells MORE PROFITS!


Did you Know?
Based on one employee working full time, making
$25 per hour, the annual salary cost of spending five hours each week looking for lost or hard-to-find information is $6,500.
Now multiply this by the number of employees you have in your company!

Tips for Dealing with Clutter
          1. Commit to doing something about it - this is an important first step.
          2. Set a goal for your room - plan the space to serve you and your way of living.
          3. Start small - begin with a manageable project such as a junk drawer or bookshelf.
          4. Edit items - keep only things which serve your goal for the space.
          5. Think green - items you no longer need can be donated or sold.
          6. Schedule time to organize - even 20 minutes a day will go a long way.
If you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or simply don't have enough time to tackle clutter on your own, a Professional Organizer is just a phone call away!  
Organized - Set up and manage your paperwork
- Establish your bill paying system

- Organize family or corporate events
- Make your office really work

- Cure your computer software woes
- Get you into the internet mainstream
Organize your lifestyle!