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My Artistic Side

On a Personal Note - this is just some of my work of Art! ...... Enjoy!


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Artistic Statement and Resume (doc)

Me and My Horse - "MISTY"

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Painting with Acrylics


Lethbridge, Albera

White Rock

Lethbridge, Alberta

Farm - Chilliwack

Japanese Tree

Farm - Chilliwack

Old Mill

Farm in Chilliwack

Old Mill on Canvas - 2012

Daisies - Grumbacher

Lilies - Grumbacher

Max - pencil

Foal - pencil

Lazy Susan Acrylic Paints on Wood

Serving Tray

Small Wood Box

Large Chest using Acrylic Paints

Step Stool

Canvas Painting using
Acrylic Paints - 2002

More Canvas Painting using
crylic Paints - 2000


Painting Carry all Tool Box

"Paper Quilting"
Quilting - more to come

Outdoor Business Signs
Anns Horsemanship 8' x 4' Organized-Environment Graphics

Ceramic - Hand Painted Cross Stitching RCMP


Dried Flower Arrangement