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About Me!


Hi, My Name is Dency and this is my Story!!
I have been working in the office scene for the last 25 years, most of the time organizing things in and around the office. I have a background in accounting and my best quality is organization.

With proper organization you can accomplish amazing feats, not just do your job, but do the job in the way it should be done. I have had many positions and studied several career paths (with an emphasis on computer technology). I am currently updating my skills (again) to include Professional Organization.

I am a member of P.O.C. (Professional Organizers of Canada) and plan to accomplish my certification this year.


Organized Environment is recognized by organizationally-challenged individuals and small businesses as an intervention and ongoing support service that provides the structure which is an absolute must to compete in this day and age.

Structure and organization are critical enablers for small businesses to grow and profit. Imagine spending more time on what you actually do than tripping over unpaid invoices or uncollected receivables! Imagine finding information quickly and accurately! Let me help you find your way!
My objective is to actively support continued growth and profitability of your business through effective application of organizing principles.My goal is to reduce the overal stress that comes with running a small business (or even a busy household), resulting in Higher Profits and saving money for my clients!

How does Web Design fit into Organized Environment?

Well, think about how impressed you are when you use the well-designed website of an organization you interact with - a website let's you do what you need to do efficiently and smoothly. Now, imagine how your customers, prospects and staff would respond to such a website for your business. I would love to design and build that website for you! A professionally-designed website is the best way to show those customers, prospects and staff that you conduct your business in an organized way.

Web Design

I have been creating web sites since 2002 when I graduated from Kwantlen University. I studied ITCS (Information Technology and Computer Support) which was an extensive program centered around all aspects of computer technology including my favourite - Graphics and Web Design. After graduation I worked for one of the most recognized web developers in the lower mainland - Talltech Systems Inc. and learned a vast number of techniques I still use today.

Organized Environment

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