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Household Tips - you just need to know

Hanger Crafts

Only Hangers is giving this pdf away and it contains some really unique ways of using your old hangers to turn them into crafts and home decor. It contains step-by-step tips and pics that include turning your hangers into a necklace or belt organizer, scarf holder, picture hanger, and even a chandelier!

Onlyhangers can be viewed by going to their website .com
Hanger Crafts

Water Scales

In need of a scale and it is nowhere to be found, remember this simple conversion:
.456 liters of Water = 1 lb

The Spice Spray

Sauce is a gift to food. However, it's hard to cover all the food evenly. Then just put on a spray top and there you go.


Soda Straws

Keep your straws in your soda can by simply turning the tab sideways and inserting the straw.

Dryer Shoes

To dry your shoes with-out having to worry about the massive noise it can create, place the laces on the outside and shut the door. They stay in one place!

Cord Safety

To keep your extension cords safe and in place, simply knot them as shown and stop worrying about them coming undone.

Paint Can Mess

The next time you are painting a room, simply wrap a rubber band vertically around the can as a place to wipe off excess paint. No more drips!

Perfect Jewellery

To keep your jewelry perfect and detangled, simply run them through the base of a clothes hanger and place them with your other nechlaces with no worries with becoming tangled!

An Easy Clean

Line the shelves of your fridge with Press-and-Seal Saran Wrap. When it's dirty, peel away the mess.

Neat Cords

Place binder clips at the edge of your desk to gain full control of all your computer cords.

Christmas Light Storage

To keep Christmas lights untangled and ready for next year, simply wrap them in a clothes hanger to avoid a mess.

Beer Stopper

There's always the question of where to place the beer bottles in the fridge. By using a simple clip on the bottom of the rack, create an easy beer pyramid to save space.