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Are you Frustrated trying to use those "Free" web site templates?

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$350 Base Price

$80 - $120 One year secure hosting

$25 Domain name search and obtain

$50 per page

$70 Host set up fee with email


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A professional web site provides you with custom information and design that relates specifically to your business, whether it provides services or products.

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Web Site Maintenance

  Monthly Rate Minimum Hrs
Maintenance Plan 1 $ 120.00 4
Maintenance Plan 2 $ 180.00 6
Maintenance Plan 3 $ 240.00 8
Maintenance Plan 4 $ 300.00 10

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A web developer can apply techniques
to your web site to enhance your visibility
on the internet!

A web developer can also workwith
marketing connections to help
promote your site!

I Look Forward to Making your web site Spectacular!! Call today for your free assessment.