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Social Media Hands-On Training

The time has come to continue on the path of social media, Organized Environment now offers services to assist you in setting up your website to start taking advantage of the new trend - SOCIAL MEDIA!

Training Seminars Available this month, book now for your spot in the class.  Class is restricted to 5 or 6 people.  At this time I am offering four groups for Morning and Evening classes.

Cost: $125.00 - for all four sessions.
Payable in advance to Organized Environment
Follow up sessions available upon request at
$25.00 per hour

What you get:

  1. One on one hands-on training on starting your social media
  2. Four 1-2 hour training hands-on sessions all within four weeks
  3. Learn how to connect with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and tie them all in together with a Blog - choice between a couple of popular blogs
  4. Access to future setup Email Blast
  5. Setup and create your accounts
  6. Each week, learn one social media account, take home and practise, practise, practise, come back fresh for new media account task
  7. Hand outs on all sessions
  8. Personal attention to your progress
  9. Completion Certificate


Office of Organized Environment


  1. Laptop or Netbook (only 4 systems available) if you have your own system that would be great
  2. Access to your personal email client - example on-line gmail account (user name and password)
  3. Personal Commitment for Fun!

Contact Dency to book your spot !