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Social Media is HERE!

Is Social Media just not "Your cup of Tea" check out some of my social media maintanence packages and save yourself a lot of your time keeping up with it, spend more time on your business!

What is Branding
Well ... Branding is the same as a name, term, design, symbol or any other image that identifies your service or products. Look at Coca-Cola, that is a brand which is widely recongnized and is a trademark for their product.


User friendly and professional looking web sites are a must if you want to make a statement about your company and need to have your site load quickly so visitors will choose to stay longer on your site. I will help you design your web presence at an affordable price.

But first...... your Brand ...... Sometimes the brand is already made and ready to go, otherwise I can help you design a new logo or "Brand"

What ever you do, get your Branding down pat!

Coca Cola

Site Strategies

New information is required on your web site from time to time. You need to keep it fresh to keep your customers coming back. I usually have long term relationships with my web clients and am dedicated to making sure your site is up-to-date at your request. All updates will be completely within 72 business hours.

Social Media is also one of my functions to keep your site up to date and interesting.


Social Media

Most potential customers return to your site over and over as ``First Impressions`` will keep them interested. If you already have a web site but feel it needs a face lift, I can certainly make that happen and have your site appear more professional and preform more reliably for your products or services.


Customers and their Issues

While your site is sitting somewhere out there, I can offer you a secure hosting setting, as my personal contact is extremely reliable, not to mention the extra mile they will go for you and your business. Hosting is not just a place for your site, it should be a place for your site to work for you.


Social Media Monthly Maintanence Packages

These packages are designed to assist you in getting your message out there, not just for me to do these blasts and blogs for you, but also to allow you to get involved and try some of these yourself!
  • Up to two hours per month updating your social media for you approximately 2 times per month.
$ 75.00
Small Business
  • Up to three hours per month updating your social media for you approximately 3 times per month.
$ 110.00
Small Business Growing
  • Up to four hours per month updating your social media for you approximately once per week
$ 170.00
On Demand
  • When ever you feel the need to reach out and contact your people.
$ 40.00
All packages need a one time setup fee - $40.00 (this includes uploading your contact lists and linking all media together)
NOTE: All media to be provided from yourself and also any pictures you may have to be used within the media.

These packages are available on a contract basis of 3 to 6 months!





Do it yourself Training

A lot of you still want to learn how to do all this Social Media yourself, don't dispair,

I also conduct classes with a minimum group of 5 In house or at my Office - what you will accomplish is:
  • setup 4 basic social media items,
  • choice of Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook (optional - Vertical Response and Roost)
  • learn how to upload and configure each
  • connect the four together, so when you post to one you will hit them all
  • the do's and don't within each media
  • rss feeds within your email programs- mine come right into my outlook 2007
  • how to post to a blog using ms word 2007

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And for those of you who wish to accomplish all this in easy 1-2-3 take home directions. Email me for information

Organized Environment


$ 125.00 each
per group of 5


I Look Forward to Helping you make your Social Media Spectacular!!
Call today for your free assessment.